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5 Ways Automation Control Programming Makes Your Job Easier

A SCADA system�is�the�ideal monitoring solution for water and wastewater�treatment facilities. The best ones allow users to manage, monitor, control and analyze large amounts of data from a single workstation. The software used to run a SCADA system�utilizes automation control programming to�simplify data collected by programmable logic controllers, or�PLCs. As a whole, these tools can help reduce risks and improve vital business processes. Here�s a look at how automaton control programming and SCADA can make your job easier:

How automation control programming�can reduce�overhead

SCADA monitoring brings�benefits such as production optimization, standardization of system components and maximizing system availability during expansion or maintenance periods. Well-designed�solutions are�flexible enough to accommodate changes with minimal impact on the operational system and the bottom line.

Manage data in evolving and challenging settings

To effectively gather process data from various sources such as remote field sensors, instrumentation and RTUs, SCADA solutions�must accommodate various communication media and have a back-up plan in the event than an�interruption of�communications occur. Setting up a redundant backup process would allow you to have access to all your data 24/7.�Users could�access it via computer at their convenience. Better still, information could be stored on a remote server, or in the cloud, and be accessible from a smartphone.

Reduced risks means better sleep

To reduce risk of equipment failure, select a SCADA monitoring system that also allows you to control�the�equipment from the software itself. This will ensure that data and control commands are not compromised. Mobile alerts for smart phones or SMS messaging allow the operator to get real-time notifications of any failure or malfunction throughout the entire system. A system like this would provide an unparalleled peace of mind for the facility director.

Control the unexpected

One of the major benefits of SCADA systems is that they run continually, even while you’re away. This means you have the tools to maintain continuous operations and data flow in the event of operational interruption, so you don’t have to worry about a problem developing into a costly emergency. System access is often monitored and controlled with a multi-user security model as another layer of protection.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Government regulations have become more stringent over the years, calling for increased operational actions, alarms, events and system access. Time-stamped event, alarm logs, incident and maintenance reports, and process data records are necessary to meet such standards. When selecting a SCADA software controller, choose one that will�ensure compliance with such features that improve the reliability of data records, even when communications are interrupted between the field and the host.

In short, SCADA monitoring�means you can spend more time doing what you do best and less time panicking. This�technology provides a high-level view of every event while it�s happening � empowering uses with a knowledge base from which to draw on. And with our Scadata Software Suite, you can do more, at less cost, providing a direct increase in profitability. We employ industry best practices and a proven approach to ensure cost-effective solutions, delivery, service, and technical excellence.

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