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8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a SCADA System

Investing in a SCADA system is a big decision. As with any big decision, you want to know that the product you are getting in a good investment. Are you getting a quality system for your money? Does the system meet your specific needs? Will you get support after the purchase? To ensure that you are getting a good product, consider asking these questions before taking the plunge.

Will it work with my existing equipment?

Your existing infrastructure may be a conglomeration of parts put together to fit your unique situation. Or you could have pieced things together over time as certain situations mitigated new equipment. You likely have a large chunk of time and energy invested in your infrastructure. A good SCADA system is adaptable and can be modified to work in various situations.

What kind of support is available?

With any kind of technology, situations always arise where help is needed. You may hit a snag from time to time or come across a situation that was not anticipated. When this happens, you will want to know that you have solid support in place.

How safe is my system?

Security is always an issue. SCADA systems are large and they manage a huge amount of information. If you work in water management, your SCADA system will also be protecting access to a precious resource. You will want to know that your system is protected from attacks and provides a secure environment for your management needs.

How will a SCADA system benefit my customers?

A SCADA system may sound very good on paper or look appealing to you, but ultimately, you serve your customers. How will they benefit? Undoubtedly, you work hard to make sure your customers are cared for and your SCADA system should also serve that purpose. Don�t be afraid to ask how they will benefit from your system.

How does a SCADA system make things easier for my plant?

Part of serving your customers is optimizing your plant. If your plant runs more smoothly, you can more easily provide what your customers need with limited interruptions to service. And it saves money which reduces costs and customers� bills. How will your SCADA system help make that happen? It�s vital to know what you can realistically expect from the system. How will your system improve your processes or your access to information? Ask questions that directly apply to your situation.

How easy is it to upgrade my system when necessary?

The time will come when upgrades are necessary. Things can change quickly and you don�t want to purchase a system that is stagnant You want one that has the potential to be upgraded when it becomes essential.

How can my system grow over time?

A SCADA system is a large purchase that requires a significant investment. You may even need to convince leadership and stakeholders that it is the right choice. You don�t want to purchase your SCADA system only to find out that a small change in operations make it obsolete. You need a system that will grow with your company as it expands or changes over time.

Why should I buy a SCADA system?

Ultimately, any SCADA provider should be able to convincingly answer this question. If you don�t know why you need one, just ask. And make sure you like the answer.

Can I see a demonstration?

You want to know what you are buying. To make sure it fits with your expectations, it is reasonable to expect a demonstration of what you will be getting. Want to see how that works? Check out our free demo!


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