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Bright Sun Rises Over Early Morning Fog in the hills of Kentucky

Company Feature: LaGrange, Kentucky

In the hills of the county of Oldham Kentucky lies LaGrange. This city is mired in industry and is one of only two cities in the United States to have a major railroad running along a public street. The historic downtown offers a selection of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. LaGrange also provides a collection of parks for outdoor recreation. The four parks are fully stocked with playground equipment, basketball courts, walking trails, baseball fields, water for fishing, shelters, and other designated areas for picnicking.

This little city is also home to the LaGrange Utilities Commission which provides water and sewage services to the residents of the area. Director, Ted Chisholm, appreciates the importance of providing sewage services and clean drinking water for the area. Although this service often goes unappreciated, Chisholm and his team provide an important service for their town and are able to meet the necessary state standards regarding the operation of water utilities.

As is typical in small towns, many residents previously drank water supplied from wells and were at the mercy of septic tanks to manage sewage. But, with the services provided by Chisholm and his team at LaGrange Utilities Commission, local citizens no longer have to rely on contaminated wells or septic tanks. They currently provide clean water for nearly 4,000 residents and manage sewage for nearly 3,000.

These quality services have a significant impact on the local environment as well. By managing where wastewater goes, it eliminates the likelihood of contamination in local streams and wells, preserving the local areas for recreation and exploration.

To help Chisholm and his team provide these quality services, they needed some help. The team looked to SCADATA for their software. SCADATA�s software helps the LaGrange team manage 23 sewer pump stations and 2 water booster pumps.

Superintendent Chisholm is able to better maintain and keep an eye on the water utilities with the use of SCADATA�s Software Suite. He particularly likes the options available for setting up different pages. In addition, he feels the ability to set up alarm points is helpful. Now, he can rest easy when he leaves work for the day because he will be alerted to any problems with our software alarms.

Because of LaGrange�s use of our SCADA software, Chisholm reports a real advantage in the form of cost savings. One of the most significant benefits from using SCADATA�s software has resulted in savings in pump repair. LaGrange is now able to constantly monitor their pumps, keeping repairs to a minimum and saving on equipment and the time necessary to get things running again.

For more information on how SCADATA can help you manage your plant, schedule a demo today.

Keep up the good work LaGrange!

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