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Company Feature: City of Elizabethtown

Approximately 45 minutes south of Louisville, Kentucky lies the historic city of Elizabethtown. The staff at the City of Elizabethtown Kentucky�s Facilities Management Maintenance Department is hard at work ensuring that the city offers seamless access to clean water. They work diligently to maintain their beautiful city and Scadata is there to help them along the way.

A major hub for transportation and manufacturing, Elizabethtown is a unique city. It lies close to many historically significant landmarks including Abraham Lincoln�s Birthplace National Historical Park, Fort Knox, the Patton Museum, and the U.S. Treasury�s Bullion Depository, otherwise known as the �Gold Vault� to the local residents.

John Chenault and his team are responsible for maintaining all of the pump stations related to the sewage collection system and waste water treatment plant. In addition to these services, the staff also provides maintenance to keep all of the city-owned buildings and athletic field lighting in the area functional.

When the manual inspection and monitoring of stations became overwhelming, the staff turned to Scadata for help. Prior to the implementation of Scadata�s software, the staff relied on local residents to call in problems related to their systems. Unfortunately, this occasionally resulted in unnecessary overflows.

But, with the help of Scadata, the Facilities Management Maintenance Department has seen a significant reduction in these overflows. The team also reports a reduction of other problems, as well. Superintendent Chenault reports that ��we have been alerted to problems within our system that were previously overlooked. Scadata�s ability to graph pump runs and wet well levels, as well as alert our staff of irregularities and problems via email, has helped us streamline our pump station maintenance procedures.�

The staff in Elizabethtown clearly feels a great sense of pride in their city and puts a significant amount of effort behind keeping it working. The piece of mind offered by Scadata�s software gives the team in Elizabethtown a sense of comfort knowing that much of the monitoring and reporting is done for them: �We love the simplistic compact design of the RTU�s and the graphing feature of the software. As a result we are converting all our pump stations from float operation to analog level control using programmable smart relays.�

The staff can now spend more time attending to important tasks, like ensuring that the local Elizabethtown Sport Park, known as �the best youth baseball complex in the country,� has proper lighting for the sports teams.

Even amidst problems, Chenault appreciates the attention and efforts of the Scadata staff in helping to identify and correct the issues. He says �Especially with communication failures, it takes some time in order to troubleshoot those problems. However, along with help from Scadata�s tech support we have always been able to overcome them. Overall we are very well pleased with the system��

At Scadata, we are happy to help the team in Elizabethtown keep their city functional and beautiful!

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