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Dubai International Benefits from Upgraded SCADA System

Dubai is a burgeoning city which continues to grow and expand. In the wake of this growth, the Dubai International Airport recognized the need for expansion to help service the large amounts of travelers coming and going and has made safe and reliable passenger flow a top priority. Dubai International has relied on a SCADA system for years and recent upgrades have improved the functionality of the current system. Dubai International is the world�s busiest airport for international passenger traffic, with flights to more than 260 destinations. It is also the world�s third busiest hub in terms of international air freight, according to the Dubai Airports website.

The first SCADA system was set up in Dubai International in 2004 and has grown five-fold in the past decade. In addition to increased capacity and offerings, the system boasts highly efficient real-time alarm and event handling to help manage and control storm water. The upgrade included replacement of the central computers and deployment of the latest version of software.

The initial challenge facing the airport in Dubai was to ensure that excess surface water did not close the airport. The SCADA system was a solution to allow for remote monitoring and control of storm water pumping stations, flow meters, and storage chambers located around the airport.

SCADA solutions offer a real-time view of the system, collecting information coming from the multitude of equipment using varying methods of communication. In the event of an incident, faults and malfunctions are noted so designated staff can take immediate action without a tedious search. Comprehensive logging of past events makes post-incident analysis more streamlined.

�DEWA has been continuously upgrading its infrastructure with a particular focus on improving customer service and enhancing operational efficiency. The new control centre will play a key role in strengthening DEWA�s capabilities to improve monitoring and quick response to any emergencies that might affect our system throughout the Emirate. It will ensure that our systems work in accordance with the highest quality levels to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water,� Al Tayer said in statement.

In today�s fast-paced world, it�s critical for management to have full monitoring, command, and control capability for the multitude of systems and equipment required to maintain a high-volume airport of Dubai’s caliber. Data provided by SCADA systems can be analyzed to ensure that attention is invested in the appropriate areas to sustain and develop the airport.

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