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Using Auto Dialers in Water Management

If you�re in water management, maybe you dread rainy nights. If this sounds all too familiar, you might consider using an auto dialer.

The presence of a downpour forces those in water management to ask the tough questions. How much rain will you get? How much is too much? Will the lift stations be able to handle it? What if they overflow?

Better send someone to check it out.

Unfortunately, it�s not exactly practical to manually check your lift stations for problems, especially if you have multiple stations. Your problem becomes even more complicated when some of those locations are in remote places that can be difficult to access. To check all of them before disaster strikes, you either need to have several employees on the job or you a need a new system. Preferably, this system would be one that can do the checking for you.

If the second idea sounds appealing, you might find an auto dialer alarm setup useful in your water management system. Auto dialers are just one more step you can take to automate your system. Using auto dialers automates that part of monitoring that would normally require a person at a physical location. Not sure whether automation is right for you? Check out our post on how automation makes your life easier.

When you typically think of alarm systems, you think of something loud and flashy, like a fire alarm�s siren announcing that everyone needs to exit the building. But some alarm systems go a step further. Rather than only alerting those within hearing distance, auto dialers can alert the right people at the right time.

In the world of water management, these systems use something commonly referred to as an alarm auto dialer. When the alarm is triggered, these devices send out a notification to let you know there�s a problem at one of your stations.

As you can probably guess from the term �auto dialer,� most of these devices are made to alert you via phone, usually by playing a pre-recorded message you have set in advance.

You don�t have to worry about keeping everyone else in the loop, either. Many auto dialers are capable of alerting several different members of your team. Keep in mind, however, that the number of contacts you can program into the auto dialer varies depending on the model and brand of the device you choose. Check here for a comparison of auto dialers to see which option is right for you.

Finally, although phone call alerts are the most common, some auto dialers offer other communication options. If you want more ways to keep everyone up to date, some auto dialers include the options of text message and email alerts.

No matter what your needs may be, there are a number of different auto dialer options on the market that can help you�and your team�catch problems as soon as they start. Ultimately, you will save precious time, energy, and money.

Want to learn more? Check here for an explanation of how auto dialers work.

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